My Deer Tattoo

I have no idea why, but for the last 10 years (at least) I’ve really, really wanted a tattoo of a deer’s head on my thigh. I just think deer (and stags) are magnificent animals and really majestic โ™ฅ

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5 Must-Have Products For Winter

We all know it’s the season for colds, flu and generally feeling run down so I’ve tried to find the perfect products to help me stay healthy this winter.

It’s also party season, time for families and getting closer to people than you generally would so I’ve also been testing out products to keep my mouth in tip-top condition for those awkward kisses with relatives and people you haven’t seen for years!

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My Favourite Jewellery Pieces

I’ve always had a fascination with jewellery. When I was younger, I was given a jewellery roll full of necklaces and bracelets that I inherited from my grandma. Although they were beautiful, I was too scared to wear them in case I lost them. Plus everything in it is gold and I preferย silver. Sorry Grandma.

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