Getting Personal With Topshop

I have been known, on occasion, to be a stubborn little sausage. That being said, I’m also willing to admit when I’m wrong. And you’re possibly wondering where the hell am I going with this…

Well for years I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Topshop; on the one hand, it’s always full of (in my mind) stick-thin giggly kids wearing cropped tops, they sell alternative band tees to people who don’t have the slightest idea who the bands are, and gold scars because there are “flaws worth fighting for”. W the actual F?

On the other hand, I often walk past with a sense that I wish I was cool enough to shop there and look good in the clothes! But once you hit your 30s, places like Topshop kinda seem off-limits. Amiright?

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Big Blogger Expo 2016

Two weeks ago I met up with the brilliant Aine (Honestly Aine) in London and we made our way to the Danubis Hotel in Regent’s Park for the Big Blogger Expo 2016. (Although we obviously stopped at 221B Baker Street too, because it would be rude not to!)

The Big Blogger Expo was set up by Lauren from Blonde Vision (who also runs Ldnmeetup) and it’s a great way to network with brands and bloggers.

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The Maker Club Pop Up Event

Saturday was pretty awesome to be honest; I met up with Tania, one of my lovely blogger friends and we hung out all afternoon. We popped into Boots and I resisted buying the new Maybelline contour stick and then went up to Debenhams because her friend heard a rumour that there was a Too Faced counter. The rumours were absolutely true and we met such a lovely lady who colour matched me for their foundation (but it was out of stock, boooo) and let us smell the Peach palette!! It really does smell like peaches 😀

We then popped down to 114 Church St, the pop up event space to meet Chloe. She owns CloClothes and  was there as part of The Maker Club. All the clothing is handmade by her and just looks incredible.

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How To Brighten Up A Work Outfit

Luckily I don’t have to wear a uniform but I do have to wear smart/casual. I tend to stick to black trousers and a plain, darkly-coloured top; mostly because I have a bad habit of throwing coffee, soup or chocolate down anything vaguely resembling a colour lighter than black. Then all of a sudden, oh hi meeting with important people I’d forgotten about. Yes, that is a coffee stain in the shape of a boat. Thanks for noticing. 

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Re:So Pop Up Shop | Brighton

I’ve just got home, I’m tired and hungry but I’m also really excited! Why? Because I’ve just spent time with the lovely Ellisha (SM Manager) and Emma (Visual Merchandising Manager) from Re:So ‘the first fully student-operated retail initiative’. In essence, the store is not only run and marketed solely by the students at Solent University in Southampton, but they also make and design all the products that are showcased in store!

So why am I writing this post and not chilling on the sofa stuffing my face with salmon and lemony, buttery, garlicy sauce? Because they’re only in Brighton until Sunday and honestly guys, you’ve gotta check them out!

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