My first giveaway

I’d like to say a┬ámassive thank you to all my lovely followers on WordPress ­čÖé I love seeing all your likes and comments on my posts. It makes me really happy, especially when something I’ve written has inspired you to try a new look or you’ve gone and bought a product based on my reviews. I really hope you continue to enjoy my blog and feel free to suggest any looks you’d like me to attempt!

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Trying out the “new” camera


J doesn’t understand my blogging. ┬áHe’s looked at my blog, faked a yawn and said “very nice dear”. ┬áSo it was really sweet when he said I could borrow his camera for the purposes of taking better photos and attempting to vlog! It’s a Canon EOS 600D which means nothing to me, but apparently it’s “quite good!”

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