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I’m really excited about 2016! I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions, but there are things I’m really looking forward to. 

I’ve just started a lovely new job, I’m still going to pole dancing fitness classes and hopefully J and I will actually start renovating the house properly this year!

One thing I also want to do is really work on my blog this year. I want to take more time and care writing blog posts, taking better photos and really editing them so they look their best. That means that I probably won’t be uploading quite as regularly as last year, but hopefully it means better and more professional looking content!

The blog will also be having a slight overhaul; I doubt I’ll be going self-hosted, it still feels way too new to be spending out loads of money on something I consider a hobby.  That being said, I’m very excited that Jemma from Dorkface will be designing me a shiny new header! It’ll probably be unveiled in February and I can’t wait! If you’ve not checked out her designs, I highly suggest you do, she’s incredible 🙂 x

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  1. Hello! I’ve just come across your blog and it’s great! You sound like a woman with a plan, good luck, hope everything works out well 😀

  2. Sounds like you have an awesome 2016 to look forward too lovely lady 🙂 HUGE congrats on the new job – awesome news!!!! Woo hoo!!! All the very best with your blog makeover too, I’m sure it’s going to look awesome with Jemma’s help too 🙂 Can’t wait to see it XXXX



    I’m sure Jenna’s design will be incredible and I’m so excited to see how it all looks when it’s done! You make such great content, it’s only right you should have an even more beautiful blog to reflect that!

    Pole Dancing fitness classes sound insane, you’re very brave- I’d be too awkward at any fitness class never mind pole dancing ahaha



    1. Thanks, I can’t wait for Jemma to design my header!
      Pole dancing is amazing exercise and really fun! It takes a lot of strength though and dedication! I have bruises everywhere!

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