How To Brighten Up A Work Outfit

Luckily I don’t have to wear a uniform but I do have to wear smart/casual. I tend to stick to black trousers and a plain, darkly-coloured top; mostly because I have a bad habit of throwing coffee, soup or chocolate down anything vaguely resembling a colour lighter than black. Then all of a sudden, oh hi meeting with important people I’d forgotten about. Yes, that is a coffee stain in the shape of a boat. Thanks for noticing. 

I have a fetching array of jumpers; navy blue, black, grey but to be honest, it gets a little bit boring. So I brighten up my work outfit with scarves. Because there are no rules about wearing scarves and I don’t work with paper shredders, because you know, health and safety. And you can wear them in a lot of different ways; although I only know how to do two of them!

I’ve been wearing this pink dragonfly scarf a lot recently, not only because it feels really light and, as the weather’s getting warmer, I don’t want to boil at work, but also because it’s bloody gorgeous! It makes me think of spring and happy things 🙂 The only downside is, everyone in the office has been eyeing it up, so I have to keep it safe when I take it off to eat lunch 😉



The scarf is from Lylia Rose* who have a wide array of women’s printed scarves and other gorgeous fashion and home accessories.

How do you accessorise your work outfits; are you allowed to? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

*PR sample but views are my own.

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  1. I always enjoy painting my nails and a few customers have commented on them before so don’t think they’re not looking lol. A bold lip is always good! xx

  2. Loving that scarf!

    I mostly wear dresses to work, so only really need a nice necklace or bracelet to accessorise occasionally. A lot of the time I don’t bother with accessories for work though, especially bracelets – I tend to end up having to take them off as they get in my way when I’m trying to type!


    1. Yeah, I always find I have to take bracelets off so I stopped wearing them. I wear scarves with dresses too, although I rarely wear dresses to work anymore! Thanks for reading 😊 x

  3. I like using scarfs as well. Though I only have plain black and light pinks one. They work well with sweaters and dresses – I love using them!

    1. I kinda forget I own loads of necklaces because I only really wear one; it’s not a statement one though, it’s really subtle 🙂

  4. I own such a lovely penguin scarf that I bought when I went to Edinburgh which I always forget that I own. Thanks for reminding me! You look beautiful by the way! 🙂

  5. I love the scarf! We also have a smart/casual dress code at work, I tend to wear black or grey trousers and a plain or simple patterned top. I don’t accessorise much as work – bracelets and rings get in the way typing – but I hadn’t thought of scarves! I had a blue penguin print scarf that would be perfect.

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