What’s Worse Than Blogger’s Block?


For me, it’s the period pause. I was all set last weekend to get up, put some makeup on, attempt another outfit of the day and take loads of blog photos. Then my period came. YAAY! Not.

This is when my motivation goes, my confidence vanishes down the side of the sofa along with chocolate biscuit crumbs and my get up and go, well it fucks off and hides.

Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to do it but it’s like life was on pause for two days, ya know? Fuck those adverts telling women they can do what they want when they’re on their periods; swimming, zipwiring, going to a concert and staying out till 6am. Me? I want to be at home eating a family-sized bar of Dairy Milk while crying at chick lit or films like P.S, I Love You or Bridget Jones, again, taking off my nail varnish because I can’t bloody do it without getting nail varnish all over my hands and why would anyone want nice nails anyway?


And you know what? I’m okay with that. I’m okay with the fact that I didn’t bother to shower on Saturday (dry shampoo is my best mate!) I’m also mostly okay with the fact I took all of one useable photo, despite spending a freezing 20 minutes in the garden yelling at the products moving about because it was too windy! I’m equally okay with the fact I couldn’t be bothered to try and write a beauty product review or a wishlist post, I simply couldn’t be arsed. So instead, I wrote this. And I’m okay with that. Sometimes it’s okay to feel a bit shitty and not feel guilty for not doing more. I did exactly what I needed to, to make me feel better. The copious amounts of chocolate biscuits helped enormously too.

I’m not okay with the fact I yelled at J because he put far too much maple syrup on his pancakes and now he’s going to drop dead of a heart attack. Seriously, he used about half a bottle, but cuddles and the promise of watching The Blacklist later, I was feeling better. (James Spader might be 56, but damn that voice! James Spader’s voice. Not J’s. Although, J does have a nice voice too though, it’s just not a James Spader voice. I do not have a James Spader problem. Probably.)

How do you feel when you’re on? Are you a hormonal mess or are you one of these “live life to the full” ladies? x

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  1. I’m somewhere in between. I hate having to stay in just because I’m on my period, but I definitely don’t go swimming :))
    I think it depends more on the month – sometimes is more painful, others I’m feeling mostly normal.
    Hugs and feel better! 🙂

  2. This post is everything! I’m legitimately good for nothing while I’m on my period. I just want to curl up in bed with a heat pad and wait for it to end. Everything is frustrating. Everything is upsetting. Everything hurts! Your uterus shouldn’t hurt you down to your toes. It ain’t fair. 🙁

    Sara Bloo xo

  3. Sorry to hear your period’s causing you so much trouble. xo

    I’m (now) one of those who don’t experience any pain at all. It wasn’t always like this and I do remember how it was when I was younger… I could hardly get out of bed for two days and the pain was worse than root canal treatment.

    Now I’m pain-free, but I’m very moody (!) and super hungry when I’m having my period. Normally I don’t have lunch at all when I’m at work, but when I’m on my period I usually have to have TWO meals for lunch, a few snacks, several chocolate bars… And by the time I get home from work I feel like I’m starving again. So weird!

    1. Yes! I’m exactly the same! I used to get really bad pain when I was a teenager but now it’s just a bit twingy for a couple of hours then I’m okay. But yeah, I want to eat ALL the things!

  4. I’m so emotional before it starts, I will literally cry at EVERYTHING!

    The rest of the month I’m not so bad. I only cry at, like, every OTHER thing…

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